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    I can see where you come up with your theory, but to me it sounds very black and white. Last edited by FallenAngelina; at PM. Communication 3. How did I decide to get into a relationship when all I saw was disappointment the first time I met her? If there is something missing in your relation, talk about an "OPEN" marriage,not for everyone but works with many! Finding a boyfriend for my wife [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Quote: "As for where to meet poly people, if by some chance you are interested in anything alternative like Renaissance fairs, goth culture, sci-fi conventions, indie music, bdsm, online dating divorcees any small fringe group, you will be more likely to meet people who have at least heard of poly and are accepting of it.

    Find all posts by kdt Inyourendo Senior Member. Find all posts by Inyourendo. FallenAngelina Senior Member. Quote: Originally Posted by Nadya In my experience, it is not that hard to find men finding a boyfriend for my wife younger or older - interested in dating a married woman. Find all posts by FallenAngelina. Magdlyn Senior Member. And yes, not every woman wants a young, fit guy - not even for sex.

    Many men my age are wonderfully full of life, wisdom, peace, appreciation and experience in a way that makes for love making that is miles and miles more satisfying than with men much younger. Finding a boyfriend for my wife that your wife asked my advice or should look for men my age, just that she might want to consider quality of connection over candy of eye.

    Why isn't your wife considering online meeting? OKCupid is filled to bursting with young guys looking to take up with married women. Find all posts by Magdlyn. Find all posts by assets. NortheastPoly Senior Member. Find all posts by NortheastPoly. Realising it was love, Holly began to split her time equally between Dan and Tom - and last month Holly asked Dan if Tom could move in.

    Two nights a week we all play competitive pub trivia. I have two wonderful men, both who treat me like a princess!

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    You know what they say — happy wife, happy life! Then she explained Dan and I would be equals in her life and I began to realise this could work for me. And I would agree with you, there are guys who are doing exactly what you describe. But to assume that all guys are this way? That sounds like a very black and white world. Perhaps I'm an anomaly I don't really know the motives of the rest of men any more than you do so I cannot say what every other male is "plotting"but I, personally, have female friends of every type:.

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    Females that I'm sexually attracted to a. And I can tell you that I value all of those relationships. I can even say that in one or two friendships in the finding a boyfriend for my wife, I could definitely see myself wanting to walk away from it when she broke up with one boyfriend and moved onto the next because in that particular situation I may have wanted more and took some offense to the clear position that she didn't, but there was much more than just a "hope" for something more that I got out of that friendship, so I never even got to the point of seriously considering walking away.

    I can see where you come up with your theory, but to me it sounds very black and white. It presumes that all, or at least the majority, of men fit a small stereotype that you've seen, and even then, only a portion of that stereotype, and furthermore it presumes to know the motives for the someone with huge debt you've observed.

    I have been a boyfriend to many women, some married and some not, through my entire adult life. Maybe the author can remember a picturesque sunset over a still pond in the quiet of a central Ohio evening.

    It is my judgment that my wife has been a girlfriend to many men during our life together. This year will make 28 years together for us, not all of which has been bliss. If we could just move the last teenager along a bit quicker, I can just imagine how we finding a boyfriend for my wife have a sort of rediscovery when the last child flies off.

    I look forward to that. And in the meantime, I will enjoy my wife as my lover and my girlfriends as my friends. Thank you, dear!

    Your timing is exquisite.


    You have always been fantastic as a boyfriend, lo these many years and over long distances; a testament to how enduring this kind of friendship can be.

    I treasure you always. I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed with the tone of the article and, presumably, the bookwhich brooks no approval for those boyfriends or girlfriends with whom there is also an intimate finding a boyfriend for my wife outside of the marriage. Polyamoury, as it's known "poly" for short isn't something a majority of the population practices, but for those of us who practice it, there are three key rules:.

    Not at all different than any other intimate relationship. But poly finding a boyfriend for my wife absolute diligence on the part of both partners to ensure that jealousies and fears are adequately addressed. It also takes a lot of time management. For poly people, they are supportive other their partner or partners other lovers, and often take joy in their joy, and can be there if things don't work out. For us, sex and attraction isn't the thing that defines relationships. Compatibility and love do.

    It usually takes more work, but it opens up new levels of exploration and excitement in the partnership.

    For more about this and how poly folk navigate the dynamic, the "textbook" is Dr. Thank you for chiming in on this different but related topic. Finding a boyfriend for my wife note that this post is about platonic boyfriends, who by definition, are not lovers. Also read some of the other comments for more discussion on this. I find it all so fascinating and truly believe that behaving ethically and authentically including honest self-knowledge is key to contentment and a fulfilling path, wherever that might lead.

    Thank you for this article, what a fascinating, under-discussed at least in my circles topic! As you say, this topic is clearly more complex than the short space it was granted, finding a boyfriend for my wife, though I applaud the breadth and depth with which you explored the issue in such short space.

    There are a few aspects of this topic which I am curious to explore more, and was wondering if you would be willing to share some thoughts on them. For one, I am curious how these boyfriends are platonic, as the flirtation, spark, and chemistry seem not to be tolerated nuisances, long should casual dating almost necessary additions to the relationship.

    The shared actions may be considered platonic, however, the sexual undertones flirting, physical affection, fantasizing about hitting the sack, etc. So, two questions. Why should this relationship be any different than a same-gendered loving, lasting, affectionate friendship Is it possible to have that particular need met within our own psyche, from our primary relationship, or from same-gendered platonic relationships? I suspect it is possible for some, and am curious what separates those of us who crave that from those that do not Thanks again for finding a boyfriend for my wife thought-provoking piece!

    Thank you for your kind comments about this post. I've been incubating on your questions and apologize for this belated reply. I don't consider the sexual spark necessary I have boyfriends I never think about in that way. They are more like the way I feel about my girlfriends I'm thinking it's purely biological. With the purely platonic boyfriends and girlfriends, their pheromones simply don't tickle my fancy. The boyfriends with whom I share a sexual spark, I'm thinking we simply smell good to each other because our immune systems compliment each other, and as a result, we'd have healthy babies together.

    Well, not really. The "conscious me" is content to not bear the fruit of their loins, but the "unconscious, biological, instinct-driven me" would jump at the chance. And what separates those of us who crave this thrill and this variety from those who don't? Temperament, curiosity, unafraid to go against what's considered "proper".

    And maybe conditioning. If you get positive responses from your flirting, you are rewarded and thus encouraged, likely to develop this skill into a fine art with repeated success. A find hobby. Wondering if you've also pondered answers to your own questions. Do tell. When you have attraction, passion with another man there is nothing that makes your marriage special.

    What makes a relationship special is the feelings, passion and attraction and these are the same things that make sex incredible and hot. I feel that you and your husband are fooling yourselves. Thank you for your concern. In our experience, chemistry and connection with others adds to our enjoyment of life and each other. But we've chosen to reserve physical intimacy and passion for our relationship, not for others, including those who require a financial transaction.

    Still, plenty of people like you draw the line elsewhere, and we don't judge them for it or presume to know what's best for anyone but us. The only principle Finding a boyfriend for my wife promote is self-knowledge, awareness, and reflection.

    I wish you well. Thank you too. You stated clearly in the article that there is a sexual component to these relationships which is, deep down psychologically, is a potential for trouble: "smoldering attraction", "flirting", and which, as I said earlier, rips your relationship with your SO of its meaning and specialness as a "sexual" relationship, which it essentially should be.

    I've had this conversation with many female acquaintances before, never was convinced, and honestly what I came out with is that females are no better than males in chastening opposite gender relationships, they are just less honest with themselves and their instincts, and seem to get much satisfaction from flirtation. I've always asked them the question, you are so passionate about particularity opposite sex relationship, why opposite "sex" when you can get all of benefits from same-sex relationships except one thing?

    Hope you well too and hope life full of passion and satisfaction. Such a complicated issue. You bring up interesting points. First, sex is one of our strongest instinctual drives, so that "one thing" is pretty riveting and thrilling to both genders and we do enjoy seeking it out.

    And I for one enjoy the varied benefits of having both same sex and opposite sex relationships. Second, while it's tempting to make sweeping generalizations about males versus females, it's important to remember that there will be some males who are content to flirt and some females who don't hesitate to hop in the sack.

    So it's free online psychic room to draw the line between what's "honest" or not. In other words, for females, flirting can be an honest expression of sexual attraction and instinct actually stops many females there due to the consequences, for instance, the possibility of being burdened with a baby to raise, which is really hard to do alone and without the contribution of resources from the inseminating male who may be satisfied to impregnate and run.

    So heck yeh, many females are satisfied to stop at flirting--much to the dismay of many males. But remember, the feeling is mutual, as we females are dismayed by some male behaviors too! It's all so fascinating, don't you think? There are many good comments already made about your article.

    In psychology, as you well know, the barriers to crossing over into a sexual relationship are weak more so for the male involved, especially, if she happens to be very attractive and he happens to know her and has facts about her, such as personality traits, knows older women lesbian stories she treats others, etc.

    On the subject itself, I only read some comments, and am not aware if someone pointed out that many women agree with married women having a male friend. I do want to make an example of myself, as the uninvited observer and witness. When in my military days, I visited one of my female cousins who live in Detroit who was married at the time and a very attractive women.

    I could believe what I heard. Now, granted my cousins husband at the time was what we would now consider a thug which gives credit to those people who just can't understand how such a gorgeous looking women like my cousin can be doing with a guy like that. Anyway, later, I was with my mother and I told finding a boyfriend for my wife that I had overheard them in the kitchen talking about my cousin having a relationship with another man outside the marriage.

    I was very surprise to hear my mother speak so freely and openly, without pausing, about why a women shouldn't have one. For the first time, I saw my mother in a different light and really, I think that was the beginning of me getting to know my mother more deeply.

    The affairs aren't my real life. They're fancy cocktails and tiny plates and falling asleep without the whooshing sound of a baby monitor. And they make me that much happier for the family I do have. I've often thought about what would happen if Dave and I were to be more transparent, but I don't think it would work. We live in a society where monogamy is everythingand it's hard to explain that you can love having sex with multiple people but still only love one person. We both know this, but if we tried to put our behavior into words, I'm afraid we'd say things we'd regret.

    The finding a boyfriend for my wife we came was when I got an finding a boyfriend for my wife Pap smear result. The retest came back normal, but it did give me pause and make me wonder how safe what we were doing was, physically and emotionally. Dave and I had a serious talk about safety, but spoke mostly in the abstract — about things that might have happened in the past — and came down to the rule that we will always have safe sex with other people.

    I'm not sure what will happen as our sons get older — or, for that matter, what will happen as we get older. For now, our personal decisions don't affect our sons' lives, but if that changes— if the kids start asking older women lesbian stories, or if one of us starts missing major milestones because we're spending too much time out of the house—then Dave and I may need to lay everything on the table and reconfigure the dynamics of our relationship.


    We also may find that playing with fire isn't as much fun. Already, I find my priorities have shifted so much in the past decade — most of the time, there's nowhere else I'd rather be than home on the floor, playing with my son and husband.

    But that's most of the time. Once every few weeks, there's something magical about being out with a man who's not my husband. Just call it the secret spark that keeps my marriage alive. Follow Redbook on Facebook. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Relationships. Argue Your Way to a Stronger Marriage. I was ready to meet the right girl.

    And how did I make such a poor choice?

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    How did I decide to get into a relationship when all I saw was disappointment the first time I met her? How did I make such a poor choice and I literally just ended up in a relationship with the first girl I met. Choices are hard. The only way you can manage choices is you just have to follow your heart. I eventually did follow my heart and I eventually did break up. You have to say no as soon as possible.

    As soon as possible say no. Just say no. Why would you want to waste some of the very precious small amount of time finding a boyfriend for my wife have on earth, why would you want to waste any of it? I wasted that. The thing is, just say no as early as possible.

    I had done so good with that. The rest of my life I had always said no as soon as possible. I mean I was ruthless with saying no when I was younger.

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