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    Online Addiction and Recovery Resource. The answer is not to continue berating yourself which could, very easily, lead you back to your addiction. Although the only requirement for being a member in AA is a desire to stop drinking, AA also maintains respect for the rules and laws of the surrounding environment. Find meetings with the Meeting finder App Important note: These links are provided as a courtesy, their provision does not constitute or indicate review, endorsement, or approval of the site linked to it. Alcoholism chat room family [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    A common confusion that occurs is the one about the different types of meetings, open or closed, and the format followed.

    Sometimes the names of meetings are confusing, as in a Speaker Meeting or a Big Book meeting. As with the Online Response Service, the requirements are two years continuous sobriety, a good understanding of the AA Programme, the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions, and an endorsement from an Intergroup or Region.

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    Normally, a responder is able to answer an incoming chat immediately. This means he or she is sitting by the computer for the duration of the shift.


    Or alcoholism chat room family the laptop along to make a cup of coffee! We would love to hear from you. When a new team member comes on board they are given comprehensive training. They are introduced to the site and taught how to use the software. They are then given practice chats to respond to, multiple opportunities to monitor live chats and when they feel ready, are shadowed by a alcoholism chat room family during their first shift or two to make sure they feel comfortable.

    When this process is completed they can take regular weekly shifts whenever it fits in their schedule. For example, if a chat comes kl room that a responder has a question about or is having difficultly with, they can write in the Skype chat room — there is mostly always another responder about to help out.

    My experience to date is that this is a very rewarding service and would encourage members to consider it. In this modern age, many use a chat service in everyday life. I would encourage all members with the required qualifications to seriously consider it. The fellowship needs to keep abreast of new developments and facilities to help the still suffering alcoholic.

    Stay in the solution.

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    Members who are still currently drinking are welcome to join, but please refrain from participating while you are impaired. Messaging Guidelines Remember that AAChats is an online, global forum with members from many different cultures and backgrounds who at various stages of recovery.

    Use the following guidelines when sharing your thoughts so others can get the most out of them.

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    Whenever alcoholism chat room family attend events in the physical world, they adhere to a group of rules and laws that come from the local venue as well as from local, state, and federal law.

    For instance, the hot single moms pics may have a rule that prevents smoking indoors or disallows pets from coming inside the building. And of course, local, state, and federal laws remain in effect no matter where people congregate.

    These rules and laws also apply to the members of Alcoholics Anonymous when they gather together at meetings and events in the physical world. Although the only requirement for being a member in AA is a desire to stop drinking, AA also maintains respect for the rules and laws of the surrounding environment.

    So when members go online to meet on AAChats, they adhere to the rules and laws of this online venue. In addition, due alcoholism chat room family the nature of online communities, this venue sets forth a basic Code of Conduct that helps users participate safely. Join Chat Now. Please help create a healthy environment by respecting the following standards when in the AAChats community: Be polite. Insulting, condescending, or abusive words will not be tolerated.

    Do not harass others. Polite debate is welcome as long as you are discussing the ideas, not attacking the person. Do not post inappropriate e.

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    Do not post copyrighted content. It is very important for you to understand that you are not alone in your addiction. Also important to remember that part of recovery, in many cases, is relapse.

    Drug addiction should be treated as any other chronic illness, with relapse indicating the need for renewed intervention.


    Beating yourself up about relapse is similar to someone with diabetes doing the same if they decided to have that piece of cake. The answer is to realize your relapse and immediately go back on the path to wellness; just as a diabetic would turn that cake down the second, third, or fourth time, finally realizing that he or she cannot indulge alcoholism chat room family sweets any longer.

    The answer is not to continue berating yourself which could, very easily, lead you back to your addiction. We hope that you have a wonderful experience here at HealthfulChat. Please utilize our Alcohol and Drug Misuse Chat Roomalcohol and drug misuse forums and our alcohol and drug misuse social network. We hope you enjoy the anonymity of this online support network, and we encourage you to meet, greet, share and support with others.

    Alcoholism chat room family [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)