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    Rafiki, I'm not sure what this has to do with live chat with a Coast Guard recruiter. Additionally, we do not have a ranking system based on participation- but we do allow for members to be verified and be titled appropriately so that other members can tap into the vast resources and knowledge base available here. The intro is a bit redundant if you have submitted your info to the site before. The CG recruiting site now has a live chat feature for applicants looking to ask questions or get more information. Read through the forum to see if your question has already been answered. Coast guard chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    The dress code is informal, and so is the conversation. Remember what you are here for and who spends time here helping you achieve your goals. Do not get offended if someone corrects misinformation that you have absorbed.

    If you receive a curt response, consider the source and be thankful your mistakes are made here - where the consequences are relatively painless and very short lived. Many community members come here to give advice, guide you through the application process, and give you a glimpse into the world of an Army Officer from their own experiences.

    They do so using candor, but without being offensive or belittling. Site staff members are clearly denoted. Officers are designated by their verified rank in service. The default is ArmyOCS. If you warrant a special rank, coast guard chat room notify one of the site staff. Your posts should always be thoughtful, respectful, and in good form. Get in the habit of proper grammar and correct spelling.

    I had to stand down from the chat coast guard chat room to personal reasons. Yes the chat center is manned by actual CG recruiters. That means either thats a recruiter from Guam or recruiters have night chat duty! Sorry for the double post but the whole chat idea is a great idea. I remember doing the AF chat when I was considering AF and it got a lot of questions answered without the pressure of being recruited from a local recruiter.

    This also helps potential people get questions answered rather than waiting to get in contact with a recrutier.


    Recruiters are working through midnight. There hours are varied but we set it up to have good coverage. We man the chat center from to there's no such time as lol during the week, and there are slightly different hours on the weekends. I was there this past week. It was interesting. The ones that were not weren't doing any favors for themselves or the recruiter they were chatting with.

    It is a great tool, and I recommend that all interested applicants that aren't already speaking to a recruiter utilize it. To address an earlier comment, yes, the process to get to the chat can take a minute, but that is only because you have to fill out the prescreen first.

    Otherwise, your information will not be sent to a recruiting office to begin the process.

    U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve

    Once you fill out the prescreen, you are instantly connected to a recruiter, so there is no time delay. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but I can't find the Chat Now button anywhere. Where is it located? The trial period has ended. It will come back in the future if we have good feedback from the test group.

    I actually used the chat when I started this whole adventure to get some advice. I was put on with the regional director over Texas recruiting, and he was extremely helpful at answering my questions. I honestly believe that it expedited the process, because I got my questions answered the first day, and I knew how I had to prepare and what was expected of me with the recruiter, and everything coast guard chat room been pain-free, so far.

    Not sure I understand your question. I'm sorry. Any position about golf???? Ive been thinking about joining the coast guard for about 6months now. Hi Juan, First piece of advice, post this as a new thread.

    Joining the Coast Guard

    Most people will read this but this is about a live chat feature we are attempting to create on the forum. Your questions have nothing to do with that and if you want answers, coast guard chat room might be better served starting your own thread.

    That is just a piece of advice, I'm certainly not yelling at you or telling you were wrong. Let your voice be heard.

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    Coast guard chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)