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    I really liked your example on the top of the page with the two bots talking to each other :D :D :D cool :P. PS sorry for my english, I translate with Google translator. There is an updated version of this! Create chat room php [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    However, I utilize long polling make a connection to the server, and wait for a response instead of pinging the server every second for an update. Love the idea. Sweet example. This might overload your database though, so remember to use this script on a separate database than the one used for others.

    Whoops — nevermind! Yeah I figured. This is one of those situations where a small handful of idiots can ruin a perfectly good demo. This is really well done! I am glad that it will also be updated to add new things.

    And I have to agree, some people are spamming a lot in there…. Anyway, thanks for teaching this. If you plan on having this scale beyond the basic AJAX experience, you should look into a technology called Comet.

    Perhaps encoding needs to be done before outputting. Love the site, this is my first time posting and you probably recognize some of the code on my site. I find this to be very intruiging and useful but what happens to great finds like these once you can embed Google waves in your blog? Long time reader, first time commenter had to say it!

    I was wondering if you had any advice on expandability. I would like create chat room php convert this concept from the simple, single room chat into something more complex that could write to distinct text files for both future reference and privacy. Is this a possibility? Yea elliot, simply chancing the name of the file in the process.

    I would also like to see an advanced tutorial on how to advance this, such as not allowing multiple instances of the same username and banning. Plus moderators. Thanks chris and kenrick!!!! I jumped up and literally hurt myself when i saw this article finally posted!!! Just one idea. I think, you should implement some locking logic, especially for the file handling, create chat room php make the application thread safe.

    Is that even needed? It seems like that is very rarely used, so I wonder if there are some problems with it. Awesome little script here! Nice chat, but this script not works correctly with utf I made a version that uses short pulls with simply Javascript, but was not quite as impressed as the responsiveness of the GMail push chat method. I really liked your example on the top of the page with the two bots talking to each other :D :D :D cool :P.

    This very interesting as am planing to build a site for my self and i would need a lol chat room interesting live chat room and i create chat room php try and not the code and see how you got in there …………………. One Question!!

    Building a jQuery/PHP Powered Chat Room

    How can I make the sent messages permanently stay on the page? This is fantastic job, I uploaded in my site but no action, Show me how to change chat. I have downloaded the files and it works great!!! I am using this web chat application to demonstrate Cross Site Scripting to my fellow colleagues.

    I see that index. But if I remove comment out many of these I discover that an statement can be written to the chat. How can I make the statement display in the chat window so a user can click on the link and redirect the user to another site. Please remember Create chat room php am using this to show Cross Site Scripting.

    Thanks, rick I am able to write the HREF statment to the chat. That being said, if you are really serious about security, in general, you should be looking at the Chat version 2 anyway…. But I have a problem with the Russian Cyrillic Linux system.

    I tried setInterval But thats Not Working…. Codes are well commented wherever required. PHP script to add watermark to all images in a folder. How to create a Simple jQuery Plugin. You may also like.


    Sujeet Kr Singh. View all posts. Innovative method to reset forgotten passwords without sending emails.

    How to create a Simple PHP File Based Chat Room Application

    Predefined mottos, users can put their own one-line motto instead. Every chatter is connected to all the rooms and receives any message posted in any room with a visual notification and a different sound notification for messages posted in background rooms.


    Private oneone chats inside the main chat window. Admin can kick and ban users and IP addresses. Colorful predefined themes; option to create your own in seconds. Two ready to use Android apps available on Google Play.

    An easy way to create your own custom mobile app for Android and IOS.

    #10 How to: Code a Chatroom in PHP, MySQL, HTML in an hour.

    Ignore option - chatters can choose to hide messages from other chatters. UTF-8 multilanguage support incl. Mobile friendly Admin CP: settings, logs, user management, themes.

    Create chat room php [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)