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    Yahoo Answers works quite well in its set up, but of course it doesn't give the possibility to have an exchange, somehow yes, but only within the questions and answers and that is too complicate and hardly anybody is using it. I had some difficulties finding a right category and that gave me the impression that this place is too superficial. This is another free chat room website which does not require registration. Does anyone have any recommendations for laid-back online chat? To find discussion of your topic you need to locate sites that pertain to your subject and then investigate further to see if any of the sites you find have discussion board facilities. Intelligent chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) THINGS TO TALK ABOUT WHILE DATING

    Also known as online forums, these discussion boards take the form of bulletin boards and allow users to post questions to the public or respond to comments and queries from others. There are countless discussion boards online and you can find them everywhere from personal homepages to major newspapers' websites.

    To find discussion of your topic you need to intelligent chat rooms sites that pertain to your subject and then investigate further to see if any of the sites you find have discussion board facilities. Once you have located some discussion boards you will then need to see how active they are.

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    You can do this by checking the number of recent posts, looking to see if people respond to the posts of others or by posting a message yourself -- introducing yourself to the other users. Some of the major online hubs such as search engines and online services have huge discussion board facilities, such as Excite and America Online, intelligent chat rooms.

    Because of the large traffic on the major Internet hubs their communities will have active discussion on a great variety of topics. Many online newspapers and leading websites for single parent website specific topic will also have forums where visitors can engage in discussion.

    I should mention, since it isn't really clear from my post, that I don't have AOL. I just remember some really awful chatroom experiences back when I did have it. Intelligent chat rooms can't believe I forgot about mefi!

    Are the regulars there pretty open to newcomers? Well, considering I completely forgot about the IRC channel of the very site I am on at the moment, the "intelligent" part might not be a requirement. Be warned LeeJay, when I was on the mefi IRC this weekend the chat consisted of posting porn links and talking about the women intelligent chat rooms them.

    I don't know if you'd consider that "intelligent" "laid back" chat. They were obviously talking about how opressed and degraded they intelligent chat rooms. I'm a regular at Everything2. This Site Might Help You. RE: Are there any intelligent chat rooms on the net? Sure, the sex and the juveniles and the stupid is all over the place, but one would When you find it, let me know.

    As more and more people are becoming consumers and users in the computer age, I feel it definitely dilutes the quality of discussion. To cater the general attractions is one easy feat food, entertainment, sex and love, etc. For now, I'm using Yahoo Answers as that source, but even I find myself sucked into the realm of "My bf is ignoring me and playing WoW too much, what do I do!

    Yea, it's not exactly a philosophical debate, but it does pass the time yea?

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    Intelligent chat rooms, this example just goes to show you that, with the Internet, it's going to get progressively more cumbersome to find substance amongst the fluff out there.

    Are you interested in sharing perspectives on relevant issues? I've just read that one university in Penn. USA will not graduate students if they do not meet physical standards, i. Is this discrimination or viable concern? I haven't found one and gave up ages ago. There's far more stupid people than there are intelligent ones, and most of the intelligent ones have big egos and spend all their time screaming at each other because their viewpoints differ.

    Yeah first intelligent chat rooms, I love you. To answer your question: Not really very many places online are Intelligent, and I understand how you feel.

    I was thinking of the exact same thing when I found your post. Linkedin groups.

    Are there any intelligent chat rooms on the net?

    Ahhh finally and hopefully brain food Source s : OM. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions Are intelligent chat rooms any chat sites on the net that are intelligent and high quality? More questions. If governments track terrorists in chat rooms why can't they catch people who advocate hate-crime on Yahoo. Do you think that 13 year old are allowed to be in chat room with a parent around?


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