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    On Wednesday I was told about the meningioma and Thursday viral meningitis so my head is mush! Recent Meningioma diagnosis 5 Apr in response to welliesrgreat Hi there I'm new to the forum having just got out of hospital with viral meningitis and a meninigioma I only work 3 days a week in London but can hardly make it in for them. It's a major op don't get me wrong but I was back at work after 12 weeks. Meningioma chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Just to say from what I know meningiomas are operable or gamma knife-able because they are not diffuse have they said why they are not taking it out? Hi, my consultant said it would do meningioma chat rooms harm than good to even do a biopsy and so hence the watch and wait approach, which is what I think is doing my head in Consultant said they would be better to treat symptoms. I meningioma chat rooms not coping with the unknown and having this alien thing inside my head at all In your case it must mean it is in a bad spot what carbon how does it work they do not want to try to remove it surgically.

    In these cases I know they typically use Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife is a machine which uses gamma radiation like tiny x-rays to ablate burn a tumour in the brain. It is extremely accurate to sub-mm and does not blast your whole brain with radiation like conventional radiotherapy.

    I think you can have Gamma Knife as many times as you want. My advice would be to see another surgeon skip the oncologists for the time being to see what they have to say. Some surgeons will operate where other surgeons refuse. If you are near London I suggest Mr Stapleton. If you are looking for other surgeons look for "awake surgery" in their resume.

    The "awake" surgeries are the tricky ones where they operate close to delicate areas of the brain and they keep you awake to make sure they are not cutting through something very important.

    These kind of surgeons are usually the "bravest" ones. Or the more reckless, depending on who you speak to, meningioma chat rooms. If all that fails then you can ask about Gamma Knife too.

    From what I know meningiomas are prime target for Gamma Knife because they are very well defined, they are not diffuse so they know exactly where to burn. Since it's been almost a year since your first MRI, I presume you must have a very good idea how quickly this thing grows.

    Meningiomas - Dr. Isaac Yang - UCLA Neurosurgery

    They compare the latest MRIs against the previous meningioma chat rooms and see the differences and the growth rates. Meningiomas are usually very slow they call them benign even.

    However watch and wait is not a good idea, in my opinion, because tumours do not become better with time. Many thanks for your response, was very helpful and interesting. Guess as it's near, I will wait until June for my 2nd scan and see what is happening and take it further from there.

    I will ask a few questions this time round tho! I've been where you are gay apps seattle. Though it could also because I have Thyroid cancer that has spread to my bones too, but hey - take whatever advantage you get right?

    They found a meningioma in the front right lobe that's the size of a 20p piece. I got the whole spiel of 'it's only small' too, but my meningioma chat rooms was 'Nuh uh!

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    Small is the size of the tip of a pencil! A 20p is pretty sizeable for something that's not supposed to be there! I got another scan 6months later with dye, and was told that the dye would help them to see it more clearly. When I went back for the results, the consultant didn't know what to say, because they could see it without the dye, but with the dye Apparently, this never happens Then came the year long wait for the next one to see if it was growing or not.

    I've given mine a name, he's called Tom - because I'm a geek and it just reminded me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, where Voldemort is in Professor Quirrel's head.


    Oh, spoilers btw! But as a head's up - my year came and I had my second scan, and Iwas never sent results, meningioma chat rooms. I had to call a few times before anyone would tell me what was happening. Apparently he hadn't grown, so that was that. No idea if I'll get a follow up, if I have moreside effects from his parties, then I've just to see my GP - but no further treatment or investigation into what he actually is or why he's there as he's not all that important in the grand scheme of things apparently.

    So now, Tom is the man in my life, and it doesn't look like he's going anywhere anytime soon. But he and I are def here for you if you ever need anything. So just shout! Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. Hi there, I am watch and wait with mine, I had a biopsy and complications from that made me ill but otherwise just got the same symptoms I had meningioma chat rooms they found it.

    So everyone thinks I'm better now, they don't think I'm ill, cause I'm not, just have 2 tumours, nothing major. It's taken me a year and a bit meningioma chat rooms get my head round it but I'm there ish now and armed with a million questions ready for my next appointment. My next MRI is in June, so not long to wait now. In this last year I've had headaches, now amounting to most days, depression and anxiety, and am seeing a therapist. I only work 3 days a week in London but can hardly make it in for meningioma chat rooms.

    Have hardly worked this year, have used all my sickness and all my holiday on being ill and am now down to statutory sick pay! Relationships at work are strained and noone even asks how I am when I do actually get into work, and noone even notices when I'm sitting at my desk crying! Think they all think I'm just that girl who's off sick all the time!! So, that's not helping things at all!


    Just posted you on another thread but it is good to see you are doing so well - great meningioma chat rooms She had laser eye surgery about 2yrs ago which worked fantastically and then suddenly last year her eyesight deteriorated quite quickly again which is quite unusual according to the optician.

    No I don't think it's linked to meningitis. They don't know what causes it but I have never seen meningitis mentioned in anything I've read. To be honest, I found it a strangely calming experience!

    It's a major op don't get me wrong but I was back at work after 12 weeks. I was tired for about 6 months but then pretty much back to normal. If you have any questions, let me know. Skip meningioma chat rooms main content. Post to forum. Search Search forum. Do you have a cancer chat password? Yes, I have a password. Remember me. I would be happy to receive news and updates from Cancer Chat.

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    Not a member yet? Register now. Search for discussions or people. Recent Meningioma diagnosis 28 May in response to welliesrgreat Hi, Dating someone with huge debt to the forum - but sorry that you have cause to join us.

    Good luck with your results! Recent Meningioma diagnosis 28 May in response to davek Dave, thank you for your reply. Recent Meningioma diagnosis 28 May in response to welliesrgreat Hi Yes I too have a brain tumour which they meningioma chat rooms is a benign meningioma. Try not to worry about it.

    Recent Meningioma diagnosis 28 May in response to Deb67 Debbie, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope your throat cancer is now under control. Thank you for reassuring me, meningioma chat rooms. Recent Meningioma diagnosis 29 May in response to welliesrgreat Hi Sally Yes I was told by my consultant at my last appointment not to get pregnant because this can make the tumour grow quickly. Recent Meningioma diagnosis 30 Oct in response to welliesrgreat Hi Sally - I hope you don't mind me emailing you a few months after your last message.

    Thanks Andy. Recent Meningioma diagnosis 5 Apr in response to welliesrgreat Hi there I'm new to the forum having just got out of hospital with viral meningitis and a meninigioma Hadn't occurred to me until I saw your thread. Thanks honey and keep safe xx. Recent Meningioma diagnosis 9 Jul in response to max56 Hi No I don't think it's linked to meningitis.

    On February 12th Hi I thing you might remember me. My mane is Maria and i have oligo since I had only Gamma Knife Radiosurgery and since them wach and wait. We just recently found out that my 10 year old daughter has a low grade glial tumor in her thalamus. While its not fast growing we meningioma chat rooms waiting Hey there! I have just been diagnosed with a 15 mm Pineal cyst.

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