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    Personality… easygoing, intelligent, and charming. Staring at her blinking cursor, she considered her options. Movies A Cinderella Story. Have you told your dad about Princeton yet? Cloud Nine 8. Princeton chat room cinderella story [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Nomad miles? You're West Coast then, right? Me too. Nomad Maybe, if I ever get there - I want to be a writer some day PrincetonGirl Want to? Not going to? Nomad It's a long story Look, I'll be back in a bit — talk to you then? PrincetonGirl Sure. Nomad Thanks. Surprisingly, less than an half an hour later, her chat window flashed again. Nomad You still around, Princeton Girl? Sam grinned.

    Austin Ames

    So her chat partner was a guy. Nomad What's your dad say about it? Nomad A little too personal? Nomad I'm sorry. Nomad You're welcome — I think. PrincetonGirl lol - you think? Nomad So… business as normal? Nomad Not into the normal 'teenage' things, huh? Nomad Never mind — it's nothing. Nomad You got all of that from one offhanded comment? Nomad was suspiciously silent for long minutes — so Sam continued, prodding gently. Nomad Heh — am I that obvious?


    PrincetonGirl No, but you've dropped some hints. Can you come down here? PrincetonGirl If you want to. Nomad Do you? Fin Author's Note: I've yet to see anything with "how" they met other than the reference in the movie — so I thought I'd extrapolate.

    Beginning of a Fairy Tale 2. Living in a Pretend World 3. Connected 4. Dare to Dream 5.

    You're not very pretty, and you're not very bright. I'm so glad we had that talk. Sam: I'm graduating a year early so I can be miles away in Princeton. Rhonda: You could go to the University of Mars and it still wouldn't be far enough. Rhonda: Cyberdude? Is that the boy that's been sending you love notes? Sam: They're not love notes. They're e-mails. Rhonda: Sam, if a man taking his time to write down his feelings for you, it's a love note. You've got a secret admirer. Austin: Princeton Girl?

    Sam: Austin Ames? You're Princeton chat room cinderella story Austin: I guess my costume doesn't do a very good job at hiding who I am. Sam: No, I know exactly who you are. I'm sorry, this was a really big mistake. I've gotta go. Austin: Wait! It's not a mistake. Sam: Don't you know who I am? Austin: Of course I do. You're Princeton Girl. The girl I've been waiting to meet. I know exactly who you are.


    What's your name? Austin: I guess you were expecting some guy who hangs out at Starbucks and writes poetry.

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    Sam: Something like that. Come on, you're Austin Ames. What no one knows, though, is that Austin would be much happier living out his days as a struggling poet. Relationship Status… technically dating a popular, diet-obsessed cheerleader.

    She might just be the anonymous girl of his dreams. Personality… easygoing, intelligent, and charming. Like Austin, Sam is revealed to princeton chat room cinderella story been accepted to Princeton, only to be duped by Fiona into believing that she was rejected by having a fake rejection letter made in order to keep Sam working at the diner and as her slave, princeton chat room cinderella story.

    Sam then decides to give up on her dreams and resigns herself to a lifetime of working at the diner, but Rhonda gives Sam a pep talk on not losing hope. When her stepsisters come into the diner, they slam the door, causing a guitar clock to fall off the wall, tearing the wallpaper down with it, and quickly blame it on Sam. However, the torn section reveals an inspirational quote Hal often said, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" in real life, this quote came from Babe Ruth and fills Sam rules for dating my mother hope.

    She stands up to Fiona and her stepsisters, stating that she will no longer put up with their emotional abusequits her job at the diner, and moves in with Rhonda, who also quits along with the entire diner staff, all of whom have put up with Fiona's abuse for so many years after Hal's death only for Sam's sake.

    The customers, who witness the entire scene, promptly leave in disgust as well. Before the school's homecoming football game, Sam confronts Austin about his cowardice and not defending her at the pep rally, as well as for his seeming reluctance to show his true self. Before the final play of the game, he sees Sam making her way out of the stands, and finally stands up to his father, saying he wants to attend Princeton rather than simply play football all his life.

    He chases after Sam and apologizes. She accepts his apology, and they share their first kiss as rain falls over the drought-plagued valley; at the same time, the North Valley High Fighting Princeton chat room cinderella story win the football game. Soon after, Sam finds Hal's will google map find friend in her childhood fairy-tale book, stating that all of his money and possessions actually belong to her.

    Since this leaves her as the rightful and legal owner, Sam sells her step-family's fancy cars so that she can pay for college, and Fiona, who claims to have never seen the will before despite the fact she clearly signed it as a witness, is arrested for financial fraud and violating California's child labor laws for all the times she made Sam work long hours at the diner in spite of her being a minor.

    Sam finds that she was in fact accepted to Princeton; the acceptance letter is retrieved from the garbage by her stepsisters, who knew where Fiona had "filed" it. Fiona, Brianna, and Gabriella are made by the District Attorney to work off the money they stole from Sam at the diner, which is restored to its former glory by its new owners, Sam and Rhonda. Also, Austin's father comes to accept his son's decision to attend Princeton. Austin's father owns a car washing business and Austin works alongside his father who dreams of Austin playing professional football, further his sports career by going to the University of South California and eventually working alongside him to officially run the family business.

    However, in reality, Austin is unhappy with his life as he doesn't enjoy princeton chat room cinderella story football, seeing his father is pushing his dreams into him and feels he can't truly express the person he actually is.

    Austin instead dreams of going to Princeton University and wants to become a writer, but he feels he must hide his true self from others and thus feels incredibly alone.

    A month prior to the beginning of the film, Austin has began an online relationship with a mystery girl only known as "Princeton Girl", unaware of her true identity as Sam Mongomery. In the beginning of the film, Austin and his friends arrive at school and Sam views him to be the same as the rest of the popular clique, spoiled and selfish, still remaining aware of his true identity.

    Austin and Sam begin to text one another throughout the entire day, happily discussing their real problems and joking around, fully expressing their true selves through messages while expressing their romantic feelings for each other. By the end of the day, Sam and Austin are getting ready for bed, but before ending their princeton chat room cinderella story, Austin messages Sam to finally meet face to face at the Homecoming Dance. The day of the dance, Austin, Shelby and their friends are at Fiona's Diner and Sam gets ready to take their order.

    While most of his friends mock Sam, Austin doesn't take part and instead laughs when Sam makes a joke about Shelby. Shelby begins to discuss the dance, but during the conversation, Austin requests they speak privately, but Shelby assures whatever he has to say, he can say infront of everyone.

    Austin princeton chat room cinderella story up with Shelby and reveals he loves someone else, but can't reveal their identity. Shelby refuses to break up and instead arranges to meet him at the dance, leaving Austin and his friends. Sam makes her entranced dressed as "Cinderella" gaining everyone's attention, admiring her beauty, including Austin.

    He approaches her who mistakenly believes an acquaintance Terri is "Nomad" until Austin reveals his identity himself.

    Princeton chat room cinderella story [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)