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    Here are some instruments I have available at present. Excellent condition, no signs of repair work. And G Pro model. Additionally, the pre-war horns come in two varieties. Bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    OK, here we go; most players refer to original Bessons as either pre-war or post war French Bessons of course we are speaking of WW II and the occupation of France by Nazi forces that severely limited production of the French Bessons for approx. There is a gap of serial numbers between approx.

    French Besson Mehas. From here on out, we'll refer to only original French Bessons, not copies. Both classical and commercial players music chat rooms registration Bessons. This conveniently gave the trumpets made by Carl Fischer little foreign competition. Because of the vast use of Bessons though, the importation of trumpet parts was allowed for repairing purposes only, tariff or bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart free.

    The bells would be stamped with Fabrication on them to signify they were for repair purposes only. During the war a man named Rapuana who lived in NY got the great idea to fill the Besson trumpet void the idea by importing parts that were to be used for repair and building Bessons with these parts in the US. With the help of a NY repairman by the name of Marchione sp? At this point, the. During this time, if someone happened to need a new bell, all that was available was a Meha bell.

    Again, by serial numbers the bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart Besson Mehas start at 92, The most valued Mehas are number from 92, toAmazing compression. Pocket trumpet - Originally intended to be used as support professionals, to be used in private study in hotels and in travel, given their size, are having another type of use now, especially for very young students with limited physical abilities. In excellent condition, original state.

    Very practical for the functionality that intended. Toneking ninfator - My first trumpet. Serial XXX. With the number XX it is one of the first trumpets produced in the Bach factory in Mt. Vernon trumpet Bach with the serial number is the Earliest known Mt. Vernon Serial produced in the Bach factory in Mount Vernon. It is in mechanical condition, as new. Fantastic compression on the valves and slides. There are six "patches" installed, as protection.


    Pro model. Excelente compression. All original. Model name on the bell ring. Excellent mechanical condition.

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    You can listen this exact horn in this video here. Comparing with the finishes and materials of a Stradivarius "Vintage", there is virtually no difference in quality, since the same pieces were used for both models.

    Serial Numbers – Trumpet

    The example, the pistons are manufactured exactly with the same materials professional level that characterized the "Strad's. Mechanically in good condition, however they are visible signs of small old repairs on the upper arms. Bell, leadpipe main pipe as well as other parts of the instrument, never been altered or removed. That said, produces an impressive sound quality. Since it is a very rare model, I contacted the Getzen factory in order to know detail information about this cornet.

    It is large bore, and in the early 60's that would have been. This still has the non-pearl bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart buttons, no saddle and lever water keys. I would estimate this to be from around Here are some instruments I have available at present. I'll Try to update this list monthly within my possibilities. The A leadpipe is the standard which is used for converting the instrument to the key of Bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart.

    The variations of the 3-Bb leadpipes deals with the resistance that each pipe can give a player. The I pipe has a tight taper which will give the most resistance. This will allow a player to create a very bright sound and also it will help the naked mature women with big boobs register speak more clearly.

    The II pipe has a standard, more common taper which will help in all of the registers of the piccolo trumpet. The III pipe has a more open taper, which offers the least amount of resistance to a player. This pipe will create an open feel with a full rich sound. In more recent models it appears to be used even if the model is only available with a gold brass bell, I would presume as a marketing tool by Yamaha. In the earlier 3 digit models, it appears that there is the occasional use of rose brass, a higher copper content again, but ther is no letter used to indicate this.

    I have not found any material to classify the percentage of copper in each of the bell materials yet, in a fashion simialr to those used by Vincent Bach on each of the individual shop cards he kept for every single trumpet.

    Note that this does not have any bearing on the material used in the leadpipe. Again, this letter is only used when a model is available with both a standard or a reverse construction leadpipe. It is not used when it is only available with one or the other. There is no letter used to denote the material used to construct the leadpipe. Used to denote a mechanical trigger for either the bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart valve slide or the 3rd valve slide.

    It is model dependent as to which slide it is. Again, only use where the trigger is an option within a particular model range, although i think there are instances where it is used just as a marketing tool on models where it is the oonly set-up.

    Denotes a trigger on BOTH the 1st and 3rd valve slides. It appears this has only been used once on a series of cornets before the introduction of the Maestro and Xeno range.

    Yamaha Trumpet Model Number Code

    Whilst the later cornets are supplied with double triggers the "DT" are not used. Only seen on the YCRSRH, it is used to denote a 3rd valve slide fixed ring and 1st valve slide thumb hook saddle. Different from the standard models supplied with both 1st and 3rd slide triggers.

    Denotes a heavyweight constructin of the overall trumpet. It appears the "H" designation appeared in the mide 's in Japan and then became international with the introduction of the "Heavyweight" range, and subsequent series II of the same range.

    Up until this point the Yamaha trumpet range was all medium to lightweight in a similar fashion to the Schilke range of instruments.


    Since the introduction of the heavyweight Xeno range the "H" designation has ceased to be used. Note that there is no letter to denote Lightweight or Medium-weight.

    Bach trumpet serial numbers dating chart [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)