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    Wasn't too thrilled about the leads, but now I'll just have to tune in because of Hong. Rating: Not Yet Rated. Sooyoung with an ajusshi!! Mystisith April 10, at AM. Flower boy dating agency [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Sooyoung with an ajusshi!! Have never watched Soo Young act flower boy dating agency, but besides her, I kinda think the casting was perfect. Hope everything comes together nicely and we get something that is moving yet funny like Flower Boy Next Door and the previous editions.

    I find her to be the one of the better idol actresses. You should check her out in the Third Hospital I didn't really like the main otp, but she and Oh Ji-ho kept me invested. If this is episodic in the sense that every flower boy dating agency begins and concludes a mini dating-story arc while also moving forward an over-arching plot involving the employees lives, this could be awesome fun.

    Who would say no to a week's work on something quick and fun? I agree, it's not like they were hooking up just one couple in the movie, so that roi list dating be a smart idea.

    No, it stopped after ep 7 or 8.

    Dating Agency, Cyrano - 연애조작단; 시라노 - We want love MV

    Really annoying. You can see how hilarious it is but no one's subbed it further. Thanks for the information. It's a shame about the lack of subs. I love the cast and the premise flower boy dating agency hilarious, but I don't know if I could watch the whole thing raw. My Korean is only beginner's level, so I'd understand bits and pieces and then be dying of curiosity about the stretches in between. I watched Cyrano, thought is just okay-ish and a bit slow.

    The writers would need a lot of material to expand the plot for 16 episodes. I am a super bias towards White Christmas's alum so I'll still check this one out.

    Filler episode s always annoy me. I kind of wish they were doing something original and not a remake.


    But they have been delivering so I'm gonna wait and see whats up with this. After years of silent readership, that Marshall comment had to be honored with some recognition. Javabeans, your taste in TV has always been impeccable!


    Park Shin Hye was amazing in the movie, and she showed a wide range of acting skill there. I actually realized that she is a highly capable actress through that movie. I found the movie accidentally on a cross continental flight, btw.

    And now SNSD Soo Young will play the similar character, which has a bit of angst, versatility, a bit of scheme and mind trick. I do agree with another commenter saying that the movie was slow and a bit hard to extend into a serial. But it is actually interesting seeing the agency 'tricking' couples to get together. More like a crime investigation drama or medical which has more than 1 flower boy dating agency story.

    I will wait for this one! The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more! Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions flower boy dating agency by our community. A Moment at Eighteen: Episode 2. Class of Lies: Episodes Review. Team Dramabeans: What we're watching. Edit this Page Edit Information.

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    Ratings: 7. Reviews: 23 users. Related Content Cyrano Agency Korean original story. Add Cast. Hong Jong Hyun Moo Jin. Jo Yoon Woo Ah Rang. View all Write Review.

    Other reviews by this user. Sep 8, 16 of 16 episodes seen. Completed 0. Unfortunately, Cyrano only exists in the drama world with its timely coincidences and eviler-than-Satan mother-in-laws. That leaves me to rely on myself to create the moments for romance and take charge of my own love life, or I can just go on koreancupid and see if I get lucky there. Latest Trending Popular Breaking.

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    Kim Min Suk. Lee Chung Ah. Lee Jong Hyuk. Lee Yoon Ji. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.

    Flower boy dating agency [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)