How to find long lost friends in australia

    To create this article, 23 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. How do I find a friend and co-worker? Find her at www. So I'd try Facebook. How to find long lost friends in australia [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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    Get active with your search and register your details and those you are looking for in the "People Finder" Registry. Search Engines. Try our Aussie web search for quick and easy switching between Australian searches.

    Australian Search Engines. Attempt the end and never stand to doubt; Nothing's so hard, but search will find it out. Perhaps Australia has something similar. Old mutual friends have been the resource that helped me most in reconnecting with friends from 40 years ago who are now scattered worldwide. Finding the first old mutual friend took a lot of digging and some lucky chances.

    I think you'll need to hunt in Italy for the first clue - not that you have to go there, but try to find via the internet and telephone someone there from your mother's circle who might give you the next clue.

    Some suburbs in major cities have strong associations with the Italian community - Leichhardt in Sydney for example - so their local newspapers might how to find long lost friends in australia be able to reach this person. Sorry, just read the part about wanting to know if she was still alive.

    Deaths are registered by State governments, so you'll have to go state-by-state. The New South Wales registry is hereVictoria's is here. The date to which you can search varies by State - NSW is for all deaths up toVictoria is deaths up toand Queensland's is up to If the suggestions above don't turn up any leads, you could ask these guys for help.

    Search the Births, Deaths and Marriages registries for each State to see if she died or got married.


    You might search the National Archives of Australia to see if you can find which State she arrived in, first. Last info I had how to find long lost friends in australia him was he was working with Hawker da Havilland. I met Janine Harvey in adelaide in and have loved her ever since. I have spent years looking for her and she may have her own life and family now,I would never intrude on that but would like to correspond with her. She is my first and last love, nearly forty years of just wanting her to contact me have proven that.

    I love you anf have always loved you,shall always love you. I wish I had had thecourage to tell you when we were together in Wales, I live in wales now because it is my homeland as it is yours. Jannie has always been on my mind and in my heart from from the first time I met her.


    I missed my opportunity to declare my feelings for her but now that I have only a few years left, I feel an overwhelming need to tell her how much she has been with me in my life. She is still and always shall be.


    Can't explain it but can't ignore it. Jannie was a primary school teacher and lived in Adelaide in I returned to Britain in and lived in Grove Park, London. All that aside, I spent a week in Wales with her visiting relatives, I wish I had told her I loved her ,but was too frightened of letting her go how to find long lost friends in australia cutting off our correspondence,I lived for her letters. So, there's no fool like an old fool, and I am that man.

    If only I am able to tell her How much I love her and always have,always shall without damaging or intruding upon her life,please,someone,make it possible. I don't have much time left to achieve this and just want her to know. Many thanks for your understanding and help. Babs, if I hear anything I shall let you know,I know how frustrating and lonely it can be until you find the one you're seeking. I am looking for my friend Jenny Shirley, who worked with me in England as a nurse in the late s.

    Unfortunately I lost touch with her and am now unsure whether she is living in Australia or New Zealand.

    How to find long lost friends in australia [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)