Three friends find a bag of money story

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    Three Friends and a Bag of Gold- English Story

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    Karma Stories – Three Friends..!!

    Report Abuse. Books Dr Azam raza islamic Books. M Azam Raza Tabassum knowledge4Learn. Search This Blog. Sometimes you need advice, Ask a teacher to solve your problems. Now they felt hungry. One of them was sent to the nearby village to bring food.

    Three Disloyal Friends - English Story

    As he was gone, the other two friends decided to kill him and have more share of gold. Their greedy nature would not think of any other option. The friend who went to the village to bring food was greedy too.

    He poisoned the food to kill other two friends and to have all the gold himself. As soon as he came back, the other two friends killed him. Then they ate the food with peace and delight.


    After eating the poisoned food, they met their maker. The gold was still there. It was of no use for them.


    Once in a village lived three friends who were not able to earn much money so one day they decided to go to city together to earn money. On decided day all three friends came prepared for the journey to city. After walking for two days on their way to city while walking through a forest they found a bag full of gold coins.

    They were very happy to get that bag and decided to divide those coins among three of them after returning home. Friends were tired and hungry because of traveling for a long time. They decided to eat food. Click To Comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Recent Comments Tags. Correction has been made Farheen: Its fantastic essay Nazir Ahmad Gill: in question 33 correct option of 8 not mentioned at option D Aamir: A very nice essay If you want a complete and ou

    Three friends find a bag of money story [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)