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    Learn about the rights of the birth father when considering adoption. What's open adoption like? Let a birth mother tell you in her words. Lifetime Adoption, Inc. CA Family Code Section Older C hild Adoption Online Magazinewww.

    Challenges of adopting an older child. Handling a child with Post-Traumatic Disorder. Raising Adopted Childrenwww.


    Author Lois Melina covers international, transracial and open adoption; tips for raising adopted children. Article search feature. Rosie — Adoption Informationwww. Steps to take. Home study. Experts on the show. Adoption Lawswww.

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    State adoption statutes. Adoption Policy Resource Centerwww.

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    Policy Research and Analysis Archive has articles on the adoption process, law and policymaking. Links to legal and policy decisions. Center for Adoption Support and Educationwww. This show is rated TV PG for some adult content and language.


    This show covers topics like sex, abortion, adoption, relationships, giving birth and more. Please be aware of the "ears" in the room when watching these episodes. We do not use the word "adopter". Adoptive parents may be referred to as such or as "A-rents" or "Aparents". We do not use the words "bio", "biological" or "birth" in reference to mothers.

    Please do Not use the sounds except in private adoption chat rooms free.

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