Best south american vacations for singles

    If you are still a little afraid to travel alone, know that Chile is the number one country for quality of life in South America, resulting in less street violence, less poverty, and more people ready to help. Colombia is an excellent choice with a lot of diversity packed into that country. This was true for Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia. I have never gone on trips to places like that. Best south american vacations for singles [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Eu viajo. Traveling alone may seem a bit scary at first, but it can also be very enjoyable and fulfilling. Even still, there are some precautions we must take, tricks and tips for various situations that may arise on your trip. My first tip is for the country that surprised me the most: Colombia.

    A place where everyone told me that everything was going to go really badly, a country mistreated for years by violence, trafficking, prostitution, drugs, and many other heavy things, right?


    Colombia was the biggest surprise for me while backpacking South America, proof of this being that I intended to stay for two how does look when woman comes and ended up staying six, renewing my visa super easily and quickly so I could get to see even more little corners of this wonderful country.

    Other than that, the city lives and breathes salsa, the musical rhythm that made the country famous around the world for its sultry and fun dance steps. Not long after my 45 days on the beach, I went to spend almost three months in Bogota 4the capital of Colombia and the most beautiful, best south american vacations for singles, fresh and friendly city of my whole trip.

    When I arrived I was met with houses and buildings constructed entirely with dark brick, much like the same style in England, so for me, it was love at first sight. When I arrived at the hostel in Buenos Aires 5Argentinathe first hostel in my life, I was really surprised at the situation: they put me in a room with three guys, two Venezuelans and one Colombian.

    The next day the boys were so cool and nice to me one of them even offered to be my guide around the city as best south american vacations for singles had been working and living there more than two months alreadyat the end we all became great friends. We went out together and explored the whole city, went to parties and bars, to tourist spots as well as places only the locals knew. In addition to beautiful and award-winning parks the city maintains, there are other attractions like the famous bars in Vila Madalena, the Japanese culture of the Liberdade neighborhood and so much more!

    Not so! The Northeast to is wonderful, but some places are a bit overcrowded like Bahia and Ceara.

    Which is the perfect South American country for you?

    So why not choose destinations like Pernambuco and venture into the beautiful hostels of Recife 8for example? Famous for beautiful sandbanks, the only danger there is going to be coming in contact with a shark. Not just the capital, Belo Horizonte 9but mainly in the small touristic cities like Diamantina, Caete, and Ibitipoca.

    After all, how can you not be happy every single day having the option to tour through the most beautiful caves in the state? Some other highlights and ideas on what to do?

    Take your pick for you next solo trip, book a small group adventure in South America.

    5 great countries in South America for solo travel

    I am a storyteller based in Toronto with a passion for all potato-based dishes, solo travel, sky-high views and talking to strangers. Join me for the ride at talk-to-strangers. I also spent a really good time there during my last journey and came back with stunning memories. Argentina is way better than the 5 countries mentioned in your list. Home Guides 5 great countries in South America for solo travel.


    Solo traveler at the top of Machu Pichu. Wandering the colorful streets of Cartagena. Salar de Uyuni salt flats.

    Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. A boardwalk and a lighthouse at Punta del Este in Jose Ignacio. Inca Trail Express from Lima. It's half an hour from the sea. Nearby you can go boardig off the Cerro Negro volcano sitting or standing on a board. Cuzco is at quite high altitude but is a beautiful and pleasant city, with lots of historical places to see in and outside the city.

    A lot of tourists though. But also plenty of quieter streets and markets mostly visited by locals. You will find all kinds of nightlife including bars, dancing, or films being shown in cafes.

    Please mind best south american vacations for singles spelling of Colombia by the way. Squatter type bars and such It gets cold in the evenings because of the altitude.

    Don't really know if that makes sense. I did run into a few showers there, but indeed mild temps. When choosing, also take note of the altitude and the temperature that comes with that, and the time needed to adjust to altitude. But there are other good areas too.

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    20 best cities to solo travel in South America

    By the way, Brazil also has many places that would fit the bill. It's probably expensive now with the Olympic games but if you go after that, a lot of places could be interesting for you.

    I heard Jericoacoara beach town has good nightlife, I haven't been. And Boipeba is supposed to be good. Personally I loved Lencois, the town 6 hours west of Salvador da Bahia not to be confused with Lencois Maranhences national park. And the town is very lively, there is live music in the streets at night and in cafes and a nice mix of locals and travelers.

    Top 10 Latin American Countries to Visit

    The town is so dependent on tourism that no one ever attacks or robs a tourist or at least that was the vibe and what people also told me. And even though the number of tourists is quite high, it still doesn't feel overrun or very crowded or overdeveloped. I can understand the group of Frenchies who never left. And Brazilians are one of the chattiest, sunniest, most sociable people you will ever meet, although Malawians can compete with them as well.

    Thanks for sharing will check out your other posts too. It definitely helps to speak Spanish in case you get stopped by cops or have trouble at the borders. So glad to read that you had a great experience!

    Good post — I traveled solo from Cartagena to Patagonia a few years ago — no backpacking best south american vacations for singles and it was an amazing experience. Great to find some positive experiences on here!

    Most of the time there is so much warning. Encouraging, especially since you are a solo traveler gay daddy chat room well. After visiting Peru I would love to spend more time in South America.

    I heard some parts of Lima were pretty dangerous but definitely true about a lot of different cities all over the world. I think the media definitely exaggerated about safety in South America. Glad to hear you had a blast in Colombia — it is one of the top countries I want to visit! Traveling solo is such a powerful thing, but what I find hard is leaving my husband! I want to share all the memories with best south american vacations for singles I had the same experience; no problems travelling solo in South America for 5 months.

    Central America was also really safe for me. Exactly how I felt. Travelling alone is an amazing adventure.


    I tried some times and i really liked, but know i am married with a mum so i do not do that anymore! I always carry Ciprofloxacin for food poisoning. Wipes out everything.

    Of course, be sure to accompany it with probiotics like yoghurt to replenish your good bacteria. This is so useful to know though. That sounds like it was an amazing adventure. I wish I could be more adventurous. Glad you had a safe trip. Your photos are beautiful. I love sharing experiences with others, but such an interesting perspective and take to read it from your point of view!

    Great read! It looks like you had an amazing time in South America. Definitely on my travel bucketlist. It sounds like such a great adventure. Love the blog! Sounds like a great adventure. Best south american vacations for singles me first say I love your blog.

    You have so many good posts on here. I want to visit South America soon but I dont think I could do it solo. I always travel with my close friend. Guyana and the food is absolutely something I miss dearly. What a great read! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

    Best south american vacations for singles [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)