How do you meet people in college

    You don't need to know anyone in the club to join; you just need to have a general interest about the club's activities and mission. Informal Hangouts This is a pretty broad category, including everything from big house parties to dorm lounge smash tournaments. Just look at the University of Florida's Humans vs. Practice vulnerability with an existing friend. How do you meet people in college [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Overall, these are five simple ways to meet others in college. The goal is to have the attitude that you want to meet others and are willing to take that initiative. Once you do so, you should find opportunities around school to bond with people. By doing so, you can discover others that share similar interests, which can lead to great friendships. Image Source. The interest in my findings has been beyond my dreams.

    We now have 30 members taking our courses. Follow me on Twitter or Read more. I had started an import business and turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

    The Truth About Making Friends in College

    I still had a hard time enjoying socializing and being authentic. I still felt awkward and off in conversations. Intramural sports teams offer a wonderful opportunity to play sports and have fun without the pressures of those stressful sports leagues.

    People of all ability levels can find a place in intramural sports. They're a great way to make new friends, relieve stress, and get exercise. On-Campus Jobs - These jobs help students out in many ways. Work study programs are a great way to earn cash for school, and often give you much-needed study time while still on the clock.

    How to Make Friends in College (Easy Guide)

    Not only that, these jobs are also a valuable social outlet. Who knows, your coworkers or customers may just become life-long friends. Religious Services - Most colleges offer religious services to cater to a diverse range of students.

    Attending these services can bring you how do you meet people in college contact with a large and supportive social network with ideals and values in line with your own. Kelci Lynn Lucier has worked in higher education for over a decade. She is the author of "College Stress Solutions" and features on many media outlets.

    Updated March 17, Join a club. You don't need to know anyone in the club to join; you just need to have a general interest about the club's activities and mission. Find a club that interests you and head to a meeting -- even if it's the middle of the semester.

    Join an intramural sports team. Intramurals can be one of the best features of being in school. You'll get some exercise in, learn some great athletic skills, and -- of course! Volunteer on -- or off -- campus. Assuming that you spend 8 hours a night getting excellent sleepthat leaves you with waking hours.


    You probably spend around hours in class each week, which works out to This represents a great opportunity to make friends. As with clubs, some classes work better than others for making friends. Seriously, though, dorms are great because of all the spontaneous social interaction they invite. Of course, the above also applies how do you meet people in college other living situations.

    Sharing a house with semi-random people was where I made some of my best friends in college. This is a pretty broad category, including everything from big house parties to dorm lounge smash tournaments. These sorts of hangouts are also great for cultivating existing friendships more on that below. People often overlook this, but if you keep an open mind you can meet some really cool people this way.

    This can take different forms, but the most obvious is any Facebook groups associated with your class or school.

    This is a great way to go if, like me, you come across more eloquently in writing than you do in person. For example, when I spent seven weeks living on campus as a summer research assistantI had the chance to make several new friends. The campus was nearly empty, and that made it feel a lot more manageable. I lived in a dorm with maybe other students, and I ran into a lot of the same people while cooking dinner or doing laundry.

    How to Meet People in College

    Once again, this sort of experience provides a great common ground for conversations. When I worked in the campus post office, for instance, I had the chance to chat with the same several people six days a week. Granovetterhow do you take the relationship to a deeper level? How do you go from acquaintance to friend?

    5 Tricks to Make Friends in College

    The answer, it turns out, is simple. Not necessarily easybut definitely simple. One-on-one time.


    Hanging out in a group is lots of fun, but it can be difficult to spend enough time talking with one person to really open up to each other and get beyond surface level conversation. To make this easier, I suggest that you focus on cultivating one or two relationships at a time. Message the person and suggest meeting for coffee or cheap lunch.

    That is, going for a walk in a local park is probably better than suggesting the two of you hike the Appalachian Trail. So eating a meal together is better than seeing a movie, for example.

    How do you meet people in college [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)