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    It would be awesome if Telegram had a public chat room community, but the private chat room community is so good that it's almost just as good. It was acquired by AOL and became famous for group chat in the early days of the internet. If we missed any great chat room apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! Thus, you can chat with just text or pop on with your actual face and talk as well. Best mobile chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Enter a hashtag and the environment of your choice in order to change it example: cafe. Rawr is a free service, however, there is the option to buy items in the "mall" which allow you to customize your avatar even further. Check out our write-up on Rawr in our article about the future of messaging apps, and visit Rawr Messenger to download the app and set up your avatar!

    7 Best Chatting and Dating Apps to Chat with Strangers Anonymously

    ICQ was one of the earliest chat platforms, having launched in It was acquired by AOL and became famous for group chat in the early days of the internet.

    Chat rooms are a fun way to meet new people from around the world. As with anything you do online, use chat rooms with caution and be sure to use the utmost discretion in sharing personal information or your exact location with anyone online or via a mobile app.

    10 best chat room apps for Android!

    It has free chatrooms which do not require registration. The navigation system is mobile friendly and quite easy to learn and handle.


    It has open first online dating enabling you to chat up and meet up with people from around the world.

    It has a strict no-spam, no-abuse rules that provides for the friendly chatting experience. This chat site is very responsive and fast. Text easy, make long-lasting friendships and have fun. Viber is like best mobile chat rooms much more popular version of Nimbuzz.

    It focuses mostly on text chats, voice calls, and video chats along with fun stuff like stickers, group chats, and other stuff. You can also make phone calls to landlines Skype style for a nominal fee. However, it does have a selection of public chat rooms for meeting new people, discussing topics, and stuff like that.

    You can find chats for basically anything or you can create your own best mobile chat rooms people will join eventually probably. The in-app purchases are for things like the regular phone call fees and sticker packs. The majority of the service is completely free to use. Whisper Price: Free. Whisper is one of the few classic chat room style apps with some popularity.

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    It boasts a community of 30 million monthly active users and chat rooms for all sorts of fun topics. Additionally, you can find chat rooms popular on the service, stuff happening nearby location permission requiredand the newest chat rooms on the service. The biggest difference is that it uses a tweet-style posting system instead of a standard chat UI.


    That makes it different for sure. There are also a sizable number of negative people who say and do negative things, but how much that matters depends on your tolerance level for that kind of behavior. It's fun, but it has its problems.

    TOP 10 Best free Chatting sites in the world 2017-2018

    Thank you for reading! Try these out too! Comments Read comments. You Might Like. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway. It is the responsibility of everyone at TWS community to report any suspicious behaviours to keep everyone safe. Chat room mobile welcomes everyone to a great experience of mobile chat. We encourage people to make friends out of strangers and help people to connect in a positive manner. But in case you feel threatened by anyone in a chat room you should always report it to the moderators to resolve such problems.

    Forget all the standard best mobile chat rooms. Avoid questions that have single word replies and try to ask questions that lead to other ones. Think of some fun questions and you both might end up having some great time! Most people have some short descriptions on their profiles. That can help you a lot, so use that information wisely.

    While most guys will compliment a girl about her looks, with the information you have you can start a conversation about something that actually is on her interest and she will definitely reply. Same advice goes best mobile chat rooms all the girls out there! Read Our online chatting guide.

    Everyone loves a funny person. Try to start the first message with a joke about something you notice you both have in common.


    But be careful and avoid being too cheesy. Everyone loves compliments so if you manage to start the conversation with one, it would be great. Whisper is a great chatting am which I have personally used to interact with interesting strangers.

    This app has a special feature which also acts as a filter to cut out all best mobile chat rooms BS. On Whisper, you share some text, anything interesting with strangers. This text could be a secret, a statement or a question.

    I used to connect with strangers based on their text. A simple text or a statement could say a lot about a person. You can inbox strangers in this app.

    Best mobile chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)