You will find love on flag day

    The Simpsons portal. Lock him up. You don't wanna soak all these people! Gloria : That's what you said about the telemarketing scam, but you didn't stick with it. You will find love on flag day [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    I'd always be second place to some kitten stuck in a tree. Let's go Smithers Smithers: : stuck in corner with 3 women : Ugh You're always laughing and denting your fingers. I like that. Burns: Excellent!

    Gloria: And you're so upbeat. You think everything's excellent! It's like going out with my brother. Burns: : thinking : Yes! It's going great! Burns: In. Gloria: Yeah like. Burns: Oh I enjoy all the popular youth trends like uh. Homer: Uuuummmm. Burns: Play along, chubsy. There's a pie in it for you.

    Homer: Oh! Monty's a wild man! Your youthfull trendiness will come in handy throughout the process. Because these days you d Where did you get that pie? Homer: Window cell. Old Lady: Daaaaaahaar You!

    A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love/Quotes

    Homer: Yes, Mr. Burns has Smithers accompany him for a night on the town. But you will find love on flag day attempts at finding Burns a mate prove fruitless. As the two men make their way back to Mr. But as the date progresses, Gloria has second thoughts about dating the old man.

    Thinking quickly, Burns tells Gloria that he and Homer are old friends who have enjoyed many youthful exploits together. Later, Homer accompanies Burns and Gloria on their next date, which includes a stop at a disco bar. Burns and Gloria retire to the mansion, where Burns injects himself with a powerful aphrodisiac. Before Homer leaves the mansion, he injects himself with the stimulant, then returns home and makes love to Marge. On their next date, Burns and Gloria go bowling.

    Dating Fails

    Homer again accompanies them. Waiter : Is there any way we could enhance your dining experience here by hurting an animal? Lisa : No! Burns : Now step aside.

    I'll save Gloria myself!


    Chief Wiggum : You? Uh, no offense, but you're a decrepit monkey skeleton. Burns : Perhaps, but this monkey skeleton is in love! Homer : These fortunes are terrible. They're supposed to predict stuff and ease you through times of doubt and sickness. Restaurant Manager : Well, with all due respect, sir, I suppose you could come up with better fortunes?

    Homer : You will be aroused by a shampoo commercial. Restaurant Manager : That's not bad! Burns gets a fortune cookie] Mr. Burns : This cookie feels heavy as if there's some paper inside. Burns : That was my thumb! Burns : [reads fortune] "You will find true love on Flag Day. Smithers : Well it's just you and me here, you will find love on flag day Burns : No time for jokes, Smithers.


    Come along, we're going womanizing. Smithers : Oh, goodie. Snake : [to Gloria] You're looking good, baby. Why did we ever break up? Gloria : You pushed me out of a moving car!

    Mr. Burns will find true love on Flag Day

    Snake : The cops were chasing us I needed to lighten the load, and, um, protect you. Burns : [when he's at a strip club] Great Heavens! The Simpsons visit a Chinese restaurant, where Homer is hired to write Chinese fortune cookies after complaining that the current fortunes are unimaginative.

    One of his fortunes says "You will find true love on Flag Day ". This cookie makes its way to Mr. Burns on, coincidentally, Flag Day. Eager for true love at last, Burns and a reluctant Smithers spend the evening womanising at a wealthy social gathering and a strip club. With mere minutes left in the day, Burns finds a cop ticketing his car, which he had parked in the middle of the road.

    After discovering the cop is a beautiful woman named Gloria voiced by Julia Louis-DreyfusBurns asks her out on a date. Gloria warily accepts, much to Burns' delight and Smithers' chagrin.

    A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love

    After a pleasant first date at the carnival, Burns asks about another date but Gloria is about to turn him you will find love on flag day when Homer runs by. Burns asks Homer to vouch for him to Gloria, so Homer regales her by listing Burns' many exploits. After Gloria agrees to a second date, Burns enlists Homer to be his "youthful advisor", accompanying the couple on their next date at the disco hall, and even carrying Burns and Gloria up the stairs when they go to have sex.

    In these cases, Burns overcomes his weakness and extreme age by means of a powerful aphrodisiac made from an extract of the "pocket fox", a species which only existed for three weeks in the 16th century.

    Eventually, during a date at the bowling alley, Burns decides to ask Gloria to marry him.

    You will find love on flag day [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)