4 people you meet in heaven

    I am highly impressed by this book and author. It's something to aspire to. And be spiritually touched. 4 people you meet in heaven [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

    Margeurite eventually forgave him, but soon afterward she died from a brain tumor. Eddie is left feeling empty, as Marguerite had always been the primary source of his happiness in life, and she had given him the strength to fight through the darkness that consumed him after the war.

    In heaven, Marguerite spends a long time with Eddie. She teaches him that love transcends death. Eddie spends his last years missing Marguerite and regretting that he never left Ruby Pier to make a life for himself elsewhere.

    He believes that his life was meaningless. In heaven, the last person Eddie meets is a little girl named Tala.

    The Five People You Meet in Heaven Character List

    Eddie falls into a deep despair, now believing that he deserved the darkness he felt all of his life. Tala then explains to Eddie that he redeemed himself, by keeping children safe through his maintenance job at Ruby Pier. Eddie finds peace, and travels through heaven until he reaches a Ferris wheel in the sky, where Marguerite awaits him.

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    Download this LitChart! Themes All Themes. View all 3 comments. Oct 07, Jonathan Ashleigh rated it it was ok. I get why old religious women might like this book, but it wasn't for me. View 1 comment. Mar 31, Rachel rated it did not like it. This is just the most awful book I have ever read. I hate this book! View all 13 comments. Jun 11, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: favoritesjunebuzzword-read-a-thonmoviegolden-girls-read-a-thon.

    I can't explain why I love this book so much. Eddie is a grizzled old war veteran and widower, has spent the last 50 years working a job he hates at an amusement park and just feeling like his life has no meaning. Then on his 83rd birthday Eddie dies trying to save a little girl. When he awakens in the afterlife he learns that his earthly life will be explained to him by 5 people who were important to 4 people you meet in heaven life. I wonder who my 5 people would be. I wonder how my life has been affected by people I don't even know.

    I think what I like about this book is the thought that even if we don't know it, our lives matter to other people. There are no meaningless lives. Its one of my all time favorites! View 2 comments. I just loved the fact that the fifth and last person here in this book is a Filipino. View all 4 comments. Jan 07, Liz Janet rated it did not like it. Extreme simplification, ridiculous writing style, nonsense.

    Honestly, whatever this author was trying to do, whether making me cry tears of blood, philosophy over the meaning of life, or discover my connection with those around me, but he failed miserably at all of them. How on the history of time was this book on the Bestseller list for over ninety weeks? I weep for humanity. Jun 28, Maria Gad rated it really liked it Shelves: psychologyspiritualfantasyamerican-lit. It takes a different form, that's all.

    You can't see their smile or bring them food or tousle their hair or move them around a dance floor. But when those senses weaken, another heightens. Memory, Memory becomes your partner. You nurture it. You hold it. On his 83rd birthday, Eddie had a severe accident. Along with Edd " Lost love is still love, Eddie. Along with Eddie, the reader gets to know what he discovered in his afterlife. Every now and then, there are flashback scenes to some of Eddie's previous birthdays.

    Albom thinks in his novel that our lives don't end by our death but it begin. Each one discovers the real meaning of his life, it's like an explanation of what we have faced in our lives. Second, Albom says that all the events and the people in our lives are interconnected. Each soul that reaches to heaven has to meet five persons in it's afterlife from which it gets to know five lessons and secrets. A unique, women for free, well-written and very creative story.

    Also, it's a very easy and quick read. Jun 09, Rachel Maniacup rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone! Recommended to Rachel by: Aj the Ravenous Reader. Shelves: inspiring.

    Review to follow. Recommended to Shovelmonkey1 by: sheer profusion in local charity shops. Shelves: bookcrossing-booksread-intravel-books. I read this at Christmas but frankly after eating too many roasted vegetables, drinking too much merlot and making myself a comfortable nest out of discarded wrapping paper, I was disinclined to write a review. It's now six months later and I think I've finally worked off the last roasted potato so this seems like a timely juncture to write a review of The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

    Eddie works at the amusement park on the Ruby Pier. He's 83 and probably due for retirement. On his birthday, I read this at Christmas but frankly after eating too many roasted vegetables, drinking too much merlot and making myself a comfortable nest out of discarded wrapping paper, I was disinclined to write a review.

    Eddie's life force is not wasted though, as he spends his last moments attempting to rescue a little girl. And that is most definitely not a spoiler! Come on people, the books is called The Five People You Meet in Heaven which kind of presupposes that the protagonist is going to mostly be dead for a large part of the book.

    Really, it's not like heaven is the kind of place you go on a day trip unless you're Sam and Dean Winchester in an episode of Supernatural. So Eddie is now Deaddie and can get on with meeting his five people. I'm not sure why the number five was chosen for this novel Perhaps the sixth person that Eddie was fated to meet was Kevin Bacon All five people have come into and out of Eddie's life during formative moments and have been affected by the very act of their meeting.

    None of the people might have struck Eddie as being particularly significant at the time and perhaps the events did not stand out as times which altered the direction of his existence but ultimately they've all led him to stand beneath that toppling ride car at the age of 83 thereby allowing him to save the life of a child. If I were a deeper thinking mammal I make take the opportunity to consider who the five people I might meet in heaven would be.

    But I'm not a deep thinking mammal so we'll just pass swiftly over that option for digression. This is an easy-to-read story with a well written collection of short stories vignettes of Eddies life strung together behind the vehicle of his death metaphorical not literal.

    It was gently appealing, perhaps even charming, without being schmaltzy and held my attention for the half day or so it took to read it. At no to love in 2019 did I feel 4 people you meet in heaven need to stick my finger in my mouth and make retching noises Perhaps not the most uplifting of all potential holiday reads but if it leaves you feeling tearful when you put it down, at least there should be a substantial amount of festive booze around to help bolster your spirits.

    Talks about a dead man,Eddie, who goes to heaven to learn what heaven is not about and what heaven should mean. He will meet five important people in heaven who may or may not be someone he knows personally during his lifetime giving him a chance to look back and see how his life actually was 4 people you meet in heaven opposed to how he perceived his life when he was alive.

    Not just a mere philosophical book. It is definitely a sad read, and not a self help book to deal with personal issues and how to come out of it. But I guarantee you, you will not cry buckets but help you analyse your relationships and think about the important people in your life in a different way. Complicated matters in relationships that are dealt with in the book with such depthness and understanding is really appreciable.

    This is not a book meant for only adults. I would like to recommend this book to everyone young and old, 4 people you meet in heaven. I am sure this book is one of those life changing reads. And the characters need to be elaborated a bit more to really know them.

    I am excited to read the sequel too! May 16, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: physically-owned-books. The title alone got me reading this book and more when I found out the Mitch Albom wrote it since I am a big fan of his Tuesday's with Morrie. Though I did not like this book as much as I did Tuesday's, Mitch Albom again succeeded in inspiring his readers and moving them to have uniquely fresh view of death just like what he did in Tuesday's.

    May 06, Christian Guzman rated it it was amazing. I think the concept presented in this book in which you meet five people that in one way or another shaped your life or are interconnected to you is clever. Furthermore, they explain to you about your purpose, destiny, and their involvement in you. This made me think about how it is true, there are many circumstances which affect your life. Every action made affects someone else and vice versa. In my opinion, this would be a pleasant way to receive closure.

    In addition to that, you may have unanswered questions and it would be great if they would be answered. The writing in this novel was structured well and was very direct. I wish more books had this style of writing. You could really feel as if it you were living them alongside of him. At least that is how I felt. Whether if they were tragic or happy moments, they were realistic.

    The life events of everyone may not be as extreme as his or may be worsebut I think they're just as significant. I can easily say that this is a therapeutic novel that will help a person who is filled with sadness and feelings of unworthiness feel better. It surely made me feel great and refreshed afterwards! I am highly impressed by this book and author. Every life matters and we are all here for a reason. I appreciate the sentiments of this book, the messages although a little schmaltzy made you stop and think about your own reflections on life, the little differences and the impact you can make that can leave impressions on other people whether your aware of it or not.

    Oct 02, RM Alwaysdaddygirl Griffin alwaysdaddyprincess rated it it was amazing. This author is superb. Full review to come. This book is very imaginative I'll give the author that much at least. I don't know if I liked the story so much as the way it was written. Don't get me wrong, the story was very creative and it made you think, but he wrote so poetically it was hard for the words not to sink into your soul.

    The story was about a old crippled man named Eddie. Eddie worked at an amusement park called Ruby Pier and he was the head maintenance worker. The book starts on the day of his death.

    There was this little gi This book is very imaginative I'll give the author that much at least. There was this little girl in the amusement park and her mom had left her alone so she could go on 4 people you meet in heaven rides with only her boyfriend and not her daughter.

    There was this ride at Ruby Pier called Freddy's Free Fall and it is one of those rides that you're at the top of a really tall pole and it just let's the cart drop and it's really fast until something catches it and you slow down right at the very end.

    So anyway, as Eddie is doing his rounds Freddy's Free Fall breaks and the cable is starting to snap but nobody knows this yet and there are people at the top and Eddie goes and tells his co-worker to get the people out of the cart and then to let the cart drop. But then as his coworker has gotten everyone out of the cart and preparing to let it drop Eddie realizes that it's the cable and if they let the cart drop, the cable 4 people you meet in heaven snap and it will fall off its tracks into the crowd of people that had formed below.

    Eddie tries to yell to his coworker but he doesn't hear him and so Eddie yells to the crowd to get back. The people listen So as his coworker lets the cart down Eddie runs to save her but as soon as the cart falls on him, he feels two little hands in his.

    He doesn't know if he saves her. Then he has to go to heaven and meet five people that will explain to him about his life. I think this book was booking ticket dating site inspiring. I was surprised at the ending and I 4 people you meet in heaven that is was very good. I just really enjoyed reading Mitch Albom's work mainly I think because of the poetry.

    It was written in a very captivating style. I think that my favorite phrase that the author used was to describing Eddie.

    _The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom_Part 4_an Audio Recording

    This book should be read by anyone and everyone and although it is not very religious, it really made me think about life and life after death. Readers also enjoyed. About Mitch Albom. Mitch Albom. Mitchell David Albom is an author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician. His books have collectively sold over 35 million copies worldwide; have been published in forty-one territories and in forty-two languages around the world; and have been made into Emmy Award-winning and critically-acclaimed television movies.

    Other books in the series. Books by Mitch Albom. Quotes from Les cinq personne We just don't know it at the time. It 4 people you meet in heaven be helped. Youth, like pristine glass, absorbs the prints of its handlers. Some parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair.


    Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Eddie is a grizzled war veteran who feels trapped in a meaningless life of fixing rides at a seaside amusement park. As the free dating europe site has changed over the years — from the Loop-the-Loop to the Pipeline Plunge — so, too, has Eddie changed, from optimistic youth to embittered old age.

    His days are a dull routine of work, loneliness, and regret. Then, on his 83rd birthday, Eddie dies in a tragic accident, trying to save a little girl from a falling cart. With his final breath, he feels two small hands in his — and then nothing. He awakens in the afterlife, where he learns that heaven is not a lush Garden of Eden, but a place where your earthly life is explained to you by five people who were in it.

    These people 4 people you meet in heaven have been loved ones or distant strangers. Yet each of them changed your path forever. As the story builds to its stunning conclusion, Eddie desperately seeks redemption in the still-unknown last act of his life: Was it a heroic success or a devastating failure?

    The answer, which comes from the most unlikely of sources, is as inspirational as a glimpse of heaven itself.

    4 people you meet in heaven [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)